New and Selected Poems: 1985-2000. Lawrence/Middletown, CA: Penthe, 1999. 2nd edition 2007 (Mammoth), on Amazon or Barnes & Noble 978-0976177364  Poems with publication history of each book. 128 pages. Kansas Poet Laureate 2007-2009 Denise Low’s most complete collection of lyrical verse [to 2000]. Low’s concerns with cultural sustainability in the Great Plains region encompasses geological history, the West, gardens, indigenous plants and animals, and more. Fellow Kansas poet William Stafford praised Low for her use of “so many good words in diligent pursuit of accuracy.” Iowa poet laureate Robert Dana wrote: No one understands better than Denise Low the efect of Midwestern vistas of time and space.” Diane Glancy writes, “Denise Low has a voice informed and shaped by the land.”

Thailand Journal: Poems. Topeka: Woodley, 2003.  Kansas City Star Notable book of 2003. Kindle edition on Amazon   $6.  “Denise Low allows us to enter the world she describes in Thailand Journal: Poems by immersing us in sensual particulars as she details events as varied as the Chiang Mai Market at night with “celadon vases, silver flasks, and mother-of-pearl” or watching fighting cocks, water buffalo, or ibis-like birds on the highway to Chiang Rai. By weaving together history, music, dance and legend into her complex poems, Denise Low turns “air into living silk.” These moving and compassionate poems add richness to American culture by accessing lives of another people and creating a bridge all can cross. The music and wisdom of Low’s extraordinary poems linter first in the ear, but finally find their way to the heart.” Vivian Shipley, ed. Connecticut Review

Tulip Elegies: An Alchemy of Writing. Lawrence/Middletown CA: Penthe,1993. Tulip Elegies: An Alchemy of Writing is a remarkable set of interlocking poems and essays. They trace the alchemy of writing itself, as symbols and dream imagery reveal themselves. They begin with loss, when the writer’s father suffered a debilitating stroke. They travel through gardens, European alchemy, alphabets, calendars, and the writing process itself to assert faith in all expressions of human life.

Vanishing Point. Wichita/New York City: Mulberry, 1991. Chapbook of poetry.

Selective Amnesia. Stiletto I (Dec. 1988): u.p. Howling Dog. Chapbook of poetry.

Starwater. Lawrence: Cottonwood, 1988. Book-length collection of poetry.

Learning the Language of Rivers. Midwest Quarterly 38.4 (Summer 1987): 473-510. Chapbook.

Spring Geese and Other Poems. Lawrence: University of Kansas Natural History Museum Publications, 1984. Book-length collection of poetry.

Quilting, Lawrence: Holiseventh, 1984. Fine-press edition.

Dragon Kite, in Mid-America Trio. Kansas City: BkMk Press, 1981. Chapbook of poetry