DeniseLAC09Contact Denise Low for readings, talks, presentations, workshops or information by email.

See poetry reviews, comments, and Kansas poets at her blog.

For information about Denise Low’s press (co-published with Thomas Pecore Weso), contact Mammoth Publications Mammoth is a small literary press specializing in one-of-a-kind, multicultural books and media. Mammoths lived in the Great Plains and priarielands until recent times, and they still dwell in the minds of our writers and artists:

2 Responses to CONTACT

  1. garry noland says:

    just re-listened to your interview with Irby that I heard in a kind-of waking state a couple weeks ago on New Letters….it was amazing then and he is amazing….i know some poets work, knew of him, really, by name only.
    your line about the material lifting off the page and becoming experience….incredibly accurate and inspirational
    again, hearing this work from Irby, your insights plus the references to Dorn, Creeley, etc are examples of what fuels my work in studio….to be able to leap out of the genre that i’m familiar with, avoid the prejudices that i carry with/from the visual arts and get to something a little more pure…
    looks like i’ve got a lot of reading to do…..
    hope you and yours are well…..garry noland

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