Although best known as a poet, Denise Low publishes acclaimed books of memoir, short fiction, and literary essays. Words of a Prairie Alchemist, essays about writing, won a Kansas Notable Book Award. Other praise:

“Peek into the kaleidoscope spin of one family’s sense of identity. Denise Low’s The Turtle’s Beating Heart invites you to watch as she looks into the complexities and moving patterns of diaspora, social pressure, and cultural shift. The author is fearless.” Kim Shuck, World Literature Today

 “I haven’t had such continuous pleasure in a book for a while.  In Jackalope, archetypes collide with post-modern chaos theory, folkore is fused with true sophistication, all delivered with panache, clever and even sly.  It’s a roadtrip through the American west: enjoy the ride.”  Fred Whitehead, Penniless Press, U.K.

Jackalope is a text that will teach general readers a great deal about contemporary Native America without seeming the least bit didactic. It is also a book that indigenous audiences and other literary insiders will find divertingly full of what critic Kenneth Lincoln calls ‘Indi’n Humor.’” David Carlson, American Book Review