Langston Hughes in Lawrence: Photographs and Biographical Resources. With T.F.Pecore Weso. Lawrence: Mammoth, 2004. 128 pages & 68 B&W photographs. Genealogical essay, family tree, city directory information, mortgage and land deeds, and Langston Hughes’ trips to Lawrence as an adult. Available through Mammoth Publications and the Raven Bookstore in Lawrence, KS; $15 paper; $25 hard cover. ISBN 0-9761773-3-1, paper; 0-9761773-2-3, hardback.Self-published biography, including photography & new research. See selections on the Kansas History website.

“Langston Hughes in Lawrence is a remarkable visual portrait of a place that nurtured a man known for his words more than one hundred years after his birth.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Low and Weso for bringing Hughes’s boyhood home alive. Here we can see and imagine the world that made its mark on the foremost poet of the 20th century.”  *Maryemma Graham, Langston Hughes National Poetry Project

 “The ground-breaking research, vivid photographs, and detailed genealogy show us the roots of this legendary writer’s life.”         *Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Goddard College

“No previous scholar of Langston Hughes’s boyhood in Lawrence has examined the complexities in Hughes’s multiracial family or in his community with the comprehensiveness and insight that Low and Weso provide in their new study.”  *Elizabeth Schultz, U. of Ks.